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Don’t leave me behind
while you find your way
don’t leave me alone
please please stay.

Don’t freeze me out
leave me with not
give me your love
I will try to take care.

Please don’t abandon
stay by my side
give me your hand
I need it to thrive.

Help me to grow
aid me this day
stay close to me
please don’t go away.

By: Beverly Beekmans (Nov. 2011)


I wander through the darkness

thick and suffocating

I head for what appears to be a light

shining yet dim

Voices ring through my mind

indistinct and garbled

Pain brings me to my knees

short-lived yet agonizing

I resume my urgent journey

sore and weary

I sense a presence beside me

ambiguous yet comforting

I stop to take a rest

knowing the journey has only just begun.

By: Beverly Beekmans (Nov. 2011)