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Whispers soft as satin on my cheek

breath like sun’s beams upon my neck

tender touches that glanceĀ  off my skin

fervently my innermost desires churn.


Regaling eyes size me up

tender promises caress my ears

electric sparks sizzle the inbetween

eagerly my passions awaken.


Fluttering wings of anticipation

flap unhindered within my breast

waiting in eager expectation

for new love’s first kiss.


By: Beverly Beekmans (2o11)










Grinning like a Cheshire cat

in your fancy downtown flat

leaving me on your welcome mat

wishing I had a wooden bat

to squash you like a weasely rat

for denying your part in this belly fat

protectively I give the growing bump a pat

I loath how you can be like that

I turn to leave with a tip of my hat

Never again to fall for such a lousy gnat.

By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)

I baked myself a cheese souffle

then headed for the local subway

to fill myself right to the brim

perhaps I need to get to a gym

before I dine at my favorite buffet.


By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)

Another try at a different poetry style, this one is a Limerick.

S plendid

A stonishing

V aluable

I ncomparable

O mnipotent

U nfailing

R edeemer


By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)

This poem is one that came about after I was reading about different styles of poems. This one is an Acrostic style poem which I found a very different style then I am used to, but I enjoyed writing it.

A fluttering within me speaks volumes of your spark,

I reach out and seek your comfort when light turns into dark.

The radiance that leaves your lips each time you crack a smile,

could melt a polar ice cap that would flood the river Nile.

Sustaining strength is found within each safe warm embrace,

as a smile of true relief settles quickly upon my face.

Promise you will stay with me through all life’s ups and downs,

for you alone have constructed smiles where once were frowns.


By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)




When did society throw respect out the door?

I look around and can not find it anymore.

No filter is used for the words that are spoken,

anyone notice how badly our morals are broken?

Naked bodies grinding on music shows,

little children calling each other hoes.

We need to welcome the winds of change,

take a new path, learn to shift, rearrange.

Take a stand before humanity stumbles,

we won’t make it if all dignity crumbles.


By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)

I never meant for you to see,

the world through jaded eyes,

or feel the searing pain you felt,

from so many vicious lies.


I wanted for my precious child,

to know nothing but true love,

to feel secure and always safe,

from her father up above.


Open your heart and let me in,

I’ll never force your will,

or cause you to feel alone,

your broken soul my love will fill.


Please do this one little thing,

ask me to enter in,

so I may begin once more,

to teach your heart to sing.


By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)


A life hangs between then and now,

a wayward soul lost in a crowd,

panic blossoms upon an aching chest,

breathes come gasping rapid fire.


Mist as thick as trapped in smoke,

surrounds, clouding view and mind,

seeking eyes dart quicker now,

trying to glimpse the light with hope.


All around the throng seems to grow,

then a path suddenly appears,

a silhouette steps into view,

a gem amongst rough stone.


The presence reaches out a hand,

an offer to draw near,

frozen feet stay deathly still,

marred forever by endless fear.


By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)


Papery epidermal flesh,

stretched across protruding bone.

Bloodshot whites rim dulling blue,

upon circles dark as night.

Oily strands hang lank and limp,

to cover hollowed cheek.

Crimson marks scar pale white skin,

like tracks upon fresh snow.

A picture clear as sun strewn day,

of addictions helpless prey.


By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)



Clinging to the past with an iron grip,
holding close the memories of pain,
waiting for my life to slip,
for trouble to find me again.

Then justify the path I take,
with indignities of old,
I did it all for anothers sake,
simply did as I was told.

What blame can be placed upon me?
as I hold onto ancient wrongs,
what harm could there truly be?
as my bitter heart weeps it’s songs.

Shall I forget the pain I bore?
should I forgive their deeds?
what about my heart that tore?
the neglect of my needs?

You say there is another way?
someone who wants to set me free?
who does not want my pain to stay?
so he died upon a tree?

That letting go of actions past,
will help for me to thrive,
and grudges overdue to cast,
will help me feel alive?

A box had been created,
to store up all my woes,
a long time now I’ve waited,
sought revenge upon my foes.

Weary now my body feels,
my heart it seems to ache,
I think now it’s time it heals,
these wounds are ripe to take.


By: Beverly Beekmans (2011)