Loneliness washes over me like a cold damp cloth

casting a darkness over my soul

drawing out wounds I thought were long healed

tainting my heart til it is black as coal.

Razor sharp jaws of fear tear at me

gnawing hungrily as if at a bone

doubts leech into my pores

as I sit in the dark all alone.

An impenetrable cloud of gloom

settles before my weary eyes

grating hateful voices shriek in my ears

filling my mind with a horde of desperate lies.

I seek the safety of sleep

but in slumber the dreams appear

tumultuous, troubling and grotesque

ever fanning the flames of my fear.

By: Beverly Beekmans (2010)

As this poem illustrates I suffer with depression which can bring me to places I would rather not go. I also have always been blighted with terrible and very realistic nightmares.