A cinquain is a poem of five lines. The name comes from the Latin word for “five”-quinque. When you write a cinquain, you follow a recipe. Here are two possible recipes:

Recipe One

Line 1:  one word to name the subject                           tree

Line 2:  two words to describe it                                 tall, green
Line 3: three action words about it                               growing, reaching, shading

Line 4: four or five word phrase describing
the subject (a thought, not a complete sentence)           lungs of  the earth

Line 5: one word that means the same thing
as the first word, or a word that sums it all up.             saviour

Recipe Two

Line 1 – two syllables                                                     Pink sky
Line 2 – four syllables                                                   turns to purple
Line 3 – six syllables                                                     as the sun slides behind
Line 4 – eight syllables                                                  the mountains and day slowly   turns
Line 5 – two syllables                                                     to night