I love how you know what to do,

when you see that I am blue,

you dance around and act like a clown,

placing a smile where there was a frown.

Your eyes dance with childish glee,

through them a new world I see,

one where fun and laughter reign,

not fiendish desire and boundless pain.

In you I feel such ardent pride,

my ambitions for you will not subside,

and as I gaze upon your face,

I know that I was touched by grace.

God granted me my greatest desire,

my wish was a child to sire,

and when you came into my world,

my heart and love became unfurled.

When time has passed and you have grown,

I pray the love that you were shown,

will lead you to a life of joy,

I cherish you my baby boy.

By: Beverly Beekmans

For my son, for whom I feel a love I never knew existed. I was not complete until God entrusted me with him.