You pulled me from the sinking sand,

touched my heart and grabbed my hand,

you stayed beside me through it all,

when I felt injured and so small.

You’ve been to me my rock and glue,

as I start my life anew,

always standing by my side,

not in search of a place to hide.

Trying hard to know me true,

in reply our love it grew,

my heart may never fully heal,

but my love for you is oh so real.

Never have I felt so snug,

as when you embrace me in a hug,

Thank you for being my best friend,

my essential companion til the end.

By: Beverly Beekmans (2010)

This poem is dedicated to the man I love, the man who has been my comfort, my protector and my friend. I have put him through a lot and his love has never faltered.