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Lifts me up higher

Then I ever thought I could

Brings me peace and joy


Loneliness washes over me like a cold damp cloth

casting a darkness over my soul

drawing out wounds I thought were long healed

tainting my heart til it is black as coal.

Razor sharp jaws of fear tear at me

gnawing hungrily as if at a bone

doubts leech into my pores

as I sit in the dark all alone.

An impenetrable cloud of gloom

settles before my weary eyes

grating hateful voices shriek in my ears

filling my mind with a horde of desperate lies.

I seek the safety of sleep

but in slumber the dreams appear

tumultuous, troubling and grotesque

ever fanning the flames of my fear.

By: Beverly Beekmans (2010)

As this poem illustrates I suffer with depression which can bring me to places I would rather not go. I also have always been blighted with terrible and very realistic nightmares.

Time passes so fast

Blink and it is gone like that

Hold onto your youth

A cinquain is a poem of five lines. The name comes from the Latin word for “five”-quinque. When you write a cinquain, you follow a recipe. Here are two possible recipes:

Recipe One

Line 1:  one word to name the subject                           tree

Line 2:  two words to describe it                                 tall, green
Line 3: three action words about it                               growing, reaching, shading

Line 4: four or five word phrase describing
the subject (a thought, not a complete sentence)           lungs of  the earth

Line 5: one word that means the same thing
as the first word, or a word that sums it all up.             saviour

Recipe Two

Line 1 – two syllables                                                     Pink sky
Line 2 – four syllables                                                   turns to purple
Line 3 – six syllables                                                     as the sun slides behind
Line 4 – eight syllables                                                  the mountains and day slowly   turns
Line 5 – two syllables                                                     to night


Faithful, brilliant

Guiding, teaching, caring

Loves me for who I have become



Vivid, attractive

Flapping, gliding, rising

Makes my heart soar higher with it


Sparkling and clean

ever falling from a great height

pools at the bottom.

Joy and pain combine

newly born baby crying

grasps for its Mother

A swirling mass shadows the earth

shading the lands from the warmth of the sun

blocking the rays of light that help man to see

but man doesn’t see, not clearly not with conscience

man sees himself as master of the lands

free to sculpt it like potters clay

no regard to the trail he leaves imprinted upon the sand

leaving dust in his wake he plows ahead

never looking back to wonder if the path he took was already occupied

the dark mass swirls with greater force

the universe seeks it’s vengeance

By: Beverly Beekmans

Will I wake to the early morning light

sunshine warming my face in the brightest daylight

Will I wake to see the splendors that surround me

or in ignorance pass them by as through life I flee

Will I wake to feel the love I so richly desire

the soothing blanket of caring that makes my soul float higher

Will I wake with a feeling of comforting peace

to a sudden ability to make worries release

Will I wake instead as a spiritual being

to a new reality of  sight and feeling

Will I wake to the visage of  the King of Kings

my heart lifted up as my voice clearly sings

Where the morning finds me opening my eyes

I’ll not know until it is time to rise

By: Beverly Beekmans (2010)