I have always wanted to write a novel, I enjoy writing poems and short stories but there is something to be said about the accomplishment of writing a novel.

I have started many, many a novel and quite enjoy the process of coming up with an idea, building characters and setting out a plot. I write it all down and get myself familiar with my characters and their surroundings etc.

Then time comes to begin, I write a great opening and a few pages and then….WHAM it is like hitting a brick wall. How do I evolve my protagonist? What tense should I use? (I am terrible at mixing my tenses) How do I stop from just cramming my story into a few chapters?

I just can never seem to get past a certain point. I have a lot of respect and admiration for those who can write a novel, especially a really good one. I have not attempted a novel in a while and will probably wait some time before I do again, since I just got back into writing recently. I know I will one day try again and I hope that the next time I can get past my hurdles and just carry on. If no one ever reads my novel, I would like to have written one, just to know that I did, that I could.