Do you ever sit down and have this wonderful idea for a story or poem, load up your computer or get your pad of paper ready and then..poof…nothing.

This happened to me the other day, I had this idea and I sat to write about it and nothing came out, I just sat staring at the screen and wondering what it was I had planned to write in the first place. I then sort of remembered and typed a few words but they sounded awkward and just simply wrong. I restarted four or five times but nothing was coming of it. At this point what do you do? abandon your idea? take a break?

Well I abandoned it, I simply shut it down and went to do something else. I get very frustrated when  the right words just won’t come and I start to feel inadequate. I believe this type of thing happens to everyone, even the most seasoned of writers and I would be interested to know how others deal with it. How does one get through this block? Hmmm that is definitely something I would like to know.