Kid For A Day

I want to jump upon a horse,

and gallop wild and free.

To climb way up high,

among the branches of a tree.

I want to play with a skipping rope,

draw with chalk upon the ground.

To climb into a fast go cart,

driving circles round and round.

I want to build a magical castle,

with sand and bits of rock.

To cast my line into the lake,

as I sit upon the dock.

I want to run forever,

with speed so lightning fast.

To reclaim so many things,

I have forgotten from my past.

We grow up and become adults,

not much time to frolic and play.

Perhaps I shall reclaim it all,

by playing kid for a day.

By: Beverly Beekmans (April 2010)

Don’t we all sometimes miss being a child? Not all of us had the nicest childhoods, but I hope everyone has experienced at least one moment of the freedom and innocence that only a child can feel.