Life is shifting aimlessly,

fooled not by acts of faith.

Given to such flights of fancy,

Nothing getting in it’s way.

Time pauses not for anyone,

it does not go in reverse,

it barrels on through thick and thin,

halting not for us to rehearse.

Life proceeds at it’s own pace,

we are powerless amongst our fears,

take us back to yester year,

we plead to unhearing ears.

Bring those back that we once loved,

goes unanswered through our tears.

Hope is all we will ever have,

as life meanders on it’s way,

tomorrow may not be any easier,

so we must live for today.

By: Beverly Beekmans (2002)

This poem was written a year after A Day of Tears and it was my thoughts on how cruel it can feel sometimes to lose someone we love.