Growing up she was small and thin,

freckles on her face and chin,

long brown hair as straight as straw,

mystified by the things she saw.

Parents who fought a constant battle,

Known for her incessant prattle,

A brother with a self-serving heart,

She always felt a bit apart.

Then one day he came on the scene,

Tall, dark and very lean,

She knew that he would be the one,

To her he was the moon and sun.

Twenty years to her fifteen,

More in love they could not have been.

One year later they were wed,

It would not last some had said.

Thirty-one years and growing strong,

I guess those people were surely wrong.

By: Beverly Beekmans (2001), daughter of Debbie Pichler (nee: Luke)

My parents will be married 40 years this coming October, which in this day and age is a rare thing it seems. I myself am a divorcee, but I plan to spend forever with my current love, John.